Black Friday Offer:

FREE 12 months email security 


No small print or hidden costs. This is the real deal. Get free email security for 12 months from Ireland’s leading email security provider.


  • Helps keep unwanted email spam from reaching your network. 
  • Gives peace of mind, allowing you to focus on your business
  • Reduces time wasted by users filtering emails
  • Avoids lost productivity, protecting companies bandwidth for core business critical systems
+ FREE Blended threats protection
  • Leverage Topsec Email Security’s dynamic and real-time code analysis with a multi-layered anti-malware engine to identify the behaviour and intent of code being served by a webpage.
  • No reliance on signatures to ensure protection against both known and previously unseen attacks, which account for 60% of the modern malware missed by anti-virus, firewall, IPS/IDS and reputation-based solutions.
  • URLs are rewritten and links are scanned whenever a user clicks on a link, even if that email has been subsequently forwarded. This ensures that the target website is scanned at the time of access so there is no window of opportunity for an attack to take place.

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